Premium & Luxury Apartments

We build spacious premium apartments to take a deep breath and to keep you warm and cozy with ultimate luxury.

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Environment friendly

All of our apartments are created carefully with environment-friendly materials and they are energy efficient.

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On-time Handover

Our team of expert professionals works hard to ensure that your apartment will be handed over in due time.

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Ongoing Project

Upcoming Project

Completed Project

A blend of luxury and reliability

In change, we believe. But that is not something like that we do things just for the sake of changes. We do something even more. We change things with luxury and reliability. We believe we need to leave something better and more reliable for our next generation. Our changes are aimed to this philosophy. The philosophy to enrich the living standard and lifestyle with a reliable and reasonable cost. For the last 24 years, we are shaping the landscape and lifestyle of Chittagong city. Ever since of our inception we believed in changing lifestyle with an artistic and aesthetic vision by providing value-added luxury apartments and laid the foundation of many dreams offering ​equitable living standard brick by brick. This is the saga of Equity Property Management Limited.


We take immense pride and satisfaction to invite you to our world. Welcome to the world of Equity.......